Anxiety in our culture is at an all-time high. Life is moving faster each and every day and we feel like we must keep up. Life feels like a hamster wheel that just won't stop and you are feeling the effects of that in your moods and in your body.

Anxiety effects us all. It is the silent killer that robs us of our health, our most important relationships, and our sanity. Anxiety has robbed too many people of life’s joy for far too long, but it does not have to stay that way. We offer help for those who struggle with anxiety.

Anxiety is the response of our brain and body to danger, at least
perceived danger. And that’s where the problem comes in. Having a grizzly bear stare you down should illicit a danger response, daily life should not. Unfortunately, we have unknowingly trained our brains to respond with a “danger warning” when life causes us stress. This happens when too many demands are places on us at home or at work. The good news is that you can retrain your brain to respond more appropriately.

By the way, many use the terms
anxiety and stress to mean the same thing. Technically speaking, stress is the input (what happens to you) and anxiety is the output (your response to the stress).

We offer several ways to alleviate anxiety. All without medications and the side effects that come with them. We have several counselors on staff who are uniquely gifted to help you better understand your stress and what triggers it for you. They can also equip you with the tools needed to learn to react to stress differently. We also offer neurofeedback training which is helpful in taking stress management to the next level. Neurofeedback training uses a high tech computer system to analyze brain inefficient function and retrain it. The result is that you will feel less anxiety which mean you will be more confident and in control.

Ask yourself these simple yes or no questions while keeping track of your answers.

1. Do I often feel overwhelmed?
2. Do I often feel like I am spinning in circles rather than getting things accomplished?
3. Do I have a hard time knowing where to start?
4. Do I snap at others because I feel overwhelmed?
5. Do I have difficulty making decisions?
6. Do I have a hard time sitting my brain off, especially at night?
7. Do I have panic attacks?
8. Do I have irrational fears and phobias (of things like spiders or flying)?
9. Do I feel fatigued often?
10. Does it takes great effort for me to do simple things?
11. Do I break into a sweat easily?
12. Do new situations overwhelm me?

These anxiety symptoms are very common. If you answered yes to 68 or more of these questions, please talk to one of our counselors by taking advantage of our FREE 20 minute phone consultation. Call us to get connected to one of our counselors.

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