Cody Moberg
My name is Cody Moberg
Please call me at: 909-255-1250

Hello, my name is Cody Moberg. I am a Client Ambassador at Restoration Counseling Service.

There's a kind of excitement I get when I am talking to a potential client, hearing their story and what their ambitions are, and I know that we have a perfect fit for them here at RCS. Theres a certain joy and satisfaction knowing that I’m responsible for getting them paired with the person I know will have a profound and resonating effect on their lives. My wife doesn’t normally like it when I bring work home, but when I come home smiling because the last call I took was paired with a great counselor from our staff, I don’t think she minds.

Before I ended up at Restoration Counseling Service I was a Psychology student at California Baptist University. I came from a community college before that where my grades and ambitions struggled. Going to CBU showed me that I have a huge heart for helping people with their own struggles and what better way to do that than through counseling. From there I decided my major, and set my mind on the goal of becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist somewhere down the line as well as get my PhD so I can pursue research and teaching at a higher level. I will be starting my masters education next year.

In my spare time, if it exists, I enjoy diving deep in the Word, brewing/roasting coffee, snowboarding, going to the beach, or studying (I know, weird right?).

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you take the first steps toward helping yourself.


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