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Client Outcomes

What do we want to accomplish? Progress!
What do we want to track/measure to do so? _________
Using a validated assessment would be ideal, but ______

Look up SRS assessment and ORS assessment
Patient Outcome Questionnaires | Scoliosis Research Society

Access with client devices
log in email, first name


Weekly (default) [individual/couple] / therapeutic milestone
(couple/relationship satisfaction)

The counseling and help you receive at RCS is not just how we make a living, it is how we make a difference!

question format
3-5 questions weekly, more for milestone
answers on 1-7 scale
see date on website in contact of other same client data, chart

weekly survey as text to staff?
record over time on chart? (or automatic)

What is the problem?
Clinicians are poor reporters of client regression.

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