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Serendipity Garden Weddings wants you to have an amazing wedding AND an amazing marriage!

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At Serendipity Garden Weddings, we want you to have a truly amazing wedding and will work very hard so that you do. But we also want you to have an amazing marriage, your very own
Happily Ever After. As such, we have partnered with Restoration Counseling Service in Redlands to offer you a great benefit with your wedding package. We will pay the first $200 of your premarital counseling which, in most cases, will cover about half of the cost.

“Premarital counseling explained: Good premarital counseling helps a marriage like solid coaching and training helps any good athlete who wants to give his/her best.”

Very few professional athletes were born that way. Don't get us wrong, we realize that most of them have God-given gifts and abilities that they use to the benefit of their sport every day, but most of them had to learn HOW to use their gifts and abilities from someone who understood what it would take to maximize their potential.

A great coach can see these abilities and motivate their players to new levels. We've all seen those kinds of relationships between a coach and an athlete. When it happens, it’s magic.

Premarital counseling can be a lot like that. You have God-given abilities and gifts and so does your future spouse. But both of you also have shortcomings. How can you get all of these factors to work together for a lifetime of harmony? How can you maximize any potential you have together while minimizing anything that could get in the way of your success as a couple?

In the hands of a gifted premarital counselor, it can feel like magic!

Call Restoration Counseling Service at
909-255-1250 today to see what one of their trained and caring counselors can do for your marriage, and get started on your own happily ever after.

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We want your marriage to be the best adventure of your life!