Who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Restoration Counseling Service was started by Brad & Tami Miller in 2008, out of their passion for helping married couples thrive, and in doing so, helping families and individuals thrive as well.

As told by Brad & Tami:
We have always known that there are far too many hurting people and struggling marriages. They were all around us, even in our own families — we had our struggles as well. It seemed nearly everyone was in need of some kind of help. And, everyone wants to know where to go to get genuine help for themselves and their marriages.

We have always been a part of a church family and believed that the church has the right motivations for helping families. That motivation is that God created all people, God loves all people, and therefore, we should love them too. Furthermore, we should do all we reasonably can to facilitate any help they need. But the church has been ill-equipped to handle this problem for several reasons. First, because getting solid, qualified, and professional support for people is costly, and the local church is already too strained financially. Second, denominational lines further constrain the local church from coordinating on this enormous task.

So, we envisioned a way to hire and train well-educated people of character to help us serve the people of the Inland Empire who are hurting and want help. We reasoned that if we could connect those people together on a team, we could genuinely accomplish some great things together. It turns out that we were right, and there are thousands of families and individuals from the surrounding areas that agree.

To be clear, we could be motivated by money or worldly success or something else, but instead, we are driven to help others become all that they were created to be. In fact, from the very beginning, our mission statement has been, "Helping you to become all that you were created to be!" This is WHY we do what we do.

Each person on the team at RCS is committed to helping people be all that they were created to be. There are many very intentional ways that we accomplish this, and if you are a client at RCS, you already know this to be true. We have systems in place to make sure that we have the people to help you, that we have adequate availability to serve you as long as needed, and we can get you from where you are to where you want to be.

For an organization like ours that offers the level of services and highly-qualified staff that we do, fees are always a concern. If we set our fees too low, we simply cannot sustain our services to you, nor can we retain our qualified and professional staff. If our fees are too high, we limit the number of people who can afford our services. We work hard to strike a fair balance here because we believe that our fees should offer a fair and reasonable stability between meeting your needs with quality services but not setting our fees out of reach for most people.

We also know that you will never find another counseling environment like RCS. Everything you see, hear, and experience while at our Redlands office is intentionally curated that way to enhance your counseling experience in every way possible. In other words, if you are already feeling stress in your marriage, would it add more stress to your situation to find yourself in a noisy, sterile, unfriendly environment? We believe so. On the other hand, we want you to enjoy the relaxation that comes from being in a clean, inviting, and relaxing environment that feels more like grandma's house than some doctor's office. We further believe that being in an environment like the one we offer at RCS will only help you meet your counseling goals sooner, not take away from them.

Every day, we consider it an honor that you place your trust in us and that we get to serve you. Together, we are making the world a better place one person at a time and one marriage at a time.

If you ever have a question or concern about anything, please let one of our staff know. We can guarantee you that your concerns will be honored as much as reasonably possible and that your questions will be addressed as well.

Thank you for being our WHY,
From all of us at RCS!

When you trust Restoration Counseling Service with your contact information, we take that trust very seriously. We will only use your personal information to contact you. We will never sell your information to other parties since that would undermine any trust we desire for you to have in us. See more on our Privacy Policy page.