Who We Support

Below is a list of organizations that Restoration Counseling Service is very proud to sponsor and partner with. Please do not read into any of this as a statement of political or religious nature, we simply believe that there are organizations that are better suited than us to make a difference for the better in our world. We have found some of those organizations and take seriously our responsibility to be part of the solution to our world’s challenges.

Between Two Trees
Curt and Rhonda Hamner of Between Two Trees are on a mission to change the face of marriage for the betterment of all. Curt & Rhonda Hamner are Certified Marriage and Relationship Coaches trained in PREP, Imago, Mastering the Mysteries of Love, and Prepare/Enrich. They host individual couples and groups of couples all over the world. One of the cores of Between Two Trees is the Bed and Breakfast with a Purpose Weekend Retreat, a blend of a romantic getaway and coaching to move your relationship to its next level of passion, commitment, and intimacy. Whether you are engaged, newly married, married for decades, or anywhere else in between, these weekends are unforgettable and a way to grow your relationship to the best that it can be!
Marriage ministry partners
God’s Kids
God’s Kids is an organization that sponsors and serves orphanages in India, Liberia, Mexico, The Philippines, and Thailand. God’s Kids provides both financial support as well as financial oversight to these orphanages leaving the leaders and directors of the orphanages to do what they do best; love, educate, and mentor these kids. The non-profit has also established a birthing center in Uganda, while serving orphans by providing them with safety, love, and hope for their futures. God’s Kids’ orphanages work with the International Director of Agriculture, which helps to provide healthy food and a small form of income for each orphanage. The orphans affiliated with God’s Kids are given a formal education, while also given the opportunity to continue their educations after leaving the orphanages. By the time children leave the orphanage they are ready to be a productive member of their society and a light to God’s Kingdom.
Ministry to children
Rewritten offers children and teens, who are members of single parent families, with the opportunity for changed lives. The organization helps young people in a variety of ways. For instance, the core of the program is:
“A holistic program designed to work closely with select participants to achieve academic success and develop positive interpersonal skills through tutoring, team building activities, and program-based incentives.”
The American Community Survey found that the number of single parent families are on the rise in San Bernardino County with 34.3% of children growing up in one parent families between 2008 and 2012 (as cited in Healthy San Bernardino County, 2014). As we partner with and support programs like Rewritten, we can help lessen the challenges that single parent families experience as well as provide these kids with opportunities to grow in character, education, and social skills.
writing a new future