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I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in individual, family, and couples counseling. While I enjoy helping clients in many areas, I have become best known for helping couples to improve their marriages.

I understand what it takes to make a marriage work. It is not always easy, but the rewards of a marriage done right are priceless. I will show you how you can do it too.

When it comes to working with couples, families and individuals, I have more than 30 years of personal experience as a wife and over 25 years as a mother with two daughters. My own life experiences, combined with my education and training, allow me to help my clients move toward restoration and healing and improve their relationships to better than they could have ever imagined. To do so, I work very hard at helping my clients and I expect them to work hard as well. My goal is for your marriage to thrive to the point that you would not need my help anymore.

Marriages have always been precious to me and marriage counseling has become a passion. Even if you think that there is no hope left in your relationship, I have witnessed couples in that same predicament turn things around. In fact, I also have considerable experience with difficult issues like infidelity and affairs. I have walked alongside of many hopeless marriages and seen them be restored to be better than they could have ever imagined. Even if you know that you have waited too long, that you should have sought counseling years ago, it's still not too late. Please don't hesitate to call me soon. Make the decision to follow through.

Marriage can be a joy, but it can also be challenging and difficult at times. There is no question that marriage limits us in many ways, but it also profoundly multiplies who we can become if we are willing to do marriage the way it is intended. To put it plainly, if you know that your marriage could be or should be more than it is, you are probably right. But what are you doing about it? If you car was broken, you would hire a skilled mechanic, right? Why don't you contact a skilled counselor to help you fix what is broken in your relationship by getting solid
marriage counseling?

I have heard it said that the pain from an affair is deeper than the death of a loved one! The overwhelming thoughts, fears, and feelings can be paralyzing. You are likely reeling from questions such as:
  • “Am I fool for even wanting to try and work on our marriage?”
  • “How will I ever be able to trust him (or her) again?
  • “Will the all-consuming thoughts and images ever go away?”
  • “How can the one who betrayed me and broke my heart also be the one to heal my broken heart?”
  • “Was our relationship ever good or even real?”
  • “Did he (or she) ever really love me?
These are just a few of the questions and concerns that I hear every day from couples that have experienced the devastation of an affair.

I have been helping couples to restore their marriages after the betrayal of an affair for going on 10 years. I also have been training our staff at Restoration Counseling Service in affair recovery for about half that time. Affair recovery is quite unique and a highly specialized area of counseling. I urge you to take this very seriously when selecting a counselor. Trusting a one-size-fits-all counselor with affair recovery can make couples worse off than they were before since there will likely be little progress in dealing with the devastation of the affair and your hope will continue to wane with each passing day that no progress is made. The journey to being restored is not easy, but the rewards far exceed the effort! I can honestly say that many former clients who worked hard and never gave up on the process now have thriving marriages, even better than ever before. Many restored couples have actually said, “What happened to us was devastating, but we are now better than we could have ever imagined!" I know it is hard to believe that you will ever see yourself saying those words, but I need to reassure you that it can happen if both of you are committed to the relationship.

Sexual intimacy challenges can rock a relationship at anytime. Are you newly married and surprised by the fact that your sex life is already struggling? Are you a young family and your sex life is just not the same? Are you experiencing hormonal changes and the desire for physical intimacy is not there anymore? Maybe it's shame and guilt from your past? It not unusual for couples to experience sexual intimacy challenges at some point. In my experience with couples struggling in this area, it is not typically a desire, passion, or function problem. Rather, it is an intimacy problem! Life's challenges can disrupt a couple’s ability to connect and left unchecked over time this can lead to feelings of loneliness… as if you and your spouse no longer know each other. Have hope that this can change. The two of you can have the intimacy that you have longed for. Intimacy that is filled with the kind of love and passion that every marriage should experience! As long as you both are willing to do what it takes to learn how to be truly intimate with each other, you will experience each other in a whole new way… a very intimate way!

I hope you will allow me to help you work through the challenges you are facing. I am truly passionate about helping others to be all that they were created to be. Contact me here.

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M.A., Clinical Psychology, Azusa Pacific University
 • Concentrations: Marriage and Family Therapy
B.S., Organizational Leadership, Biola University
 • Concentrations: Leadership and Biblical Studies

Community Christian College
Adjunct Professor since 2007
Psychology, College Forum

Blended Family Adjustment Issues in Children and Adolescents
Azusa Pacific University, 2006
The Apparent Lack of Spiritual Growth at the Highway Church
Biola University, 2002
Posted in University Library

Marriage Partnership, contributor
To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, featured blog
For Her (
http://forher.aleteia.org), contributor
Ready to Surrender book, co-author

Azusa Pacific University, Graduate Studies of Marriage and Family
Keynote Speaker, 2015
Affair Recovery

Hume Lake, Marriage Retreat

The Marriage God Intended
by Tami & Brad Miller (listen here), 2013

Kimberly Juniors, Redlands
Young women's self-esteem workshop, 2010

Community Bible Church
Focus on Marriage facilitator, 2010
Workshop Teacher, 2008
Meyers Briggs Personality Types

Solid Ground Church
Keynote Speaker, 2008
Marriage Can Be Murder, But It Doesn’t Have To Be:
Becoming aware of the weapons that can inflict damage to your marriage

First Baptist Church Yucaipa
Keynote Speaker, 2012
Understanding Your Teenager's World
Stopping the Power Struggle (discipline)
Keynote Speaker, 2007
Ten Ways To Cope With Grief During The Holidays

Christian Training Convention
Workshop teacher & lay counseling track organizer, 2007
Putting Together the Pieces to Build a Successful Stepfamily
Starting Out Right: Develop a Premarital Counseling Ministry

Grace EV Free Church
Keynote Speaker, 2006
Loving God, Loving Others

BRASS Convention
Workshop Teacher, 2006
Putting Together the Pieces to Build a Successful Stepfamily

The Rivers Edge
Keynote Speaker, 2005
How to Develop Courage

Skills and Qualifications
BBS Certified Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Supervisor, current
Developed and taught a twelve-week hermeneutics and spiritual gifts curriculum, 2003
Developed and taught a personal growth curriculum for women, 2000

Professional Affiliations
BBS Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
The Christian Association of Psychological Studies
Psychology Today, Verified MFT
Focus on the Family's
Christian Counselors Network

Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speakers Seminar (C.L.A.S.S.)
Prepare and Enrich Professional Counselor

Community Service
Vice President & Patroness, Kimberly Juniors Association Board of Trustees