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Helping you to become all

that you were created to be.

Phil. 1:3-6

We offer the best counseling services in the Inland Empire to help you get back on track and working toward becoming who you were created to be.

Find Your Happy

Life is too short to waste a minute of it — especially when you don't have to. Everyone will have struggles in life, some poeple deal with them while others spend their lives running from them. We can help you learn how to deal with them and find your happy again.

Can we really help you find your happy again? Yes we can – and we do it for people just like you every day.
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Be The You You've Always Dreamed Of

When we were children, most of us dreamt of being doctors or astronauts. Now that we are adults, we just want to be normal. We want to feel good in our own skin. We want to like the person we see looking back at us from the mirror every day.

Would it surprise you if we told you that being the person you've always dreamed of is completely do-able? Well, it is!

Save Time = Save Money

We all would love to think we can fix complex personal and relational issues ourselves. The truth is that most of us can't – we often need the help of a professional. By the way, it is the same with complicated car repairs or difficult plumbing problems — at some point, we all need help from a professional. Getting the right help will always save both time (wasted and accomplishing nothing) and money (spent on solutions that don't work).

When you are ready to use your resources to work on being the best version of yourself, call us. Just call 909-255-1250 or use the button below.
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If you continue in the direction you are going, without help, it's like crossing your fingers and hoping for a different outcome.

On your own…

You Will Keep Heading in the Wrong Direction

If you want your car to stay headed in the right direction, you will need to make regular, small corrections with your steering wheel to stay on course. The same thing is true of your life – you must learn to make regular corrections to stay on course.

You Will Continue Feeling Very Lost

Nobody starts out on a journey without knowing where they are going – or how to get there. We can help you figure out where you want to be. Then we can help you on your journey until you safely get to where you want to go!

You Will Continue Being Miserable

When your life feels out of control, it's usually because it is. You have lost sight of the goal. You have lost your way. And in the process, you may have lost yourself. This is truly one of the most miserable feelings you could ever experience. But there is help and hope…

When you are ready to start in a new direction, call us. We can help you to get back on course. Don't wait, the cost could be too great.

This is how you can get your life back on track in just 3 simple steps.


Call Our Helpful Client Care Staff

Just call our office phone number to get your questions answered. You will talk to one of our client ambassadors. We call them "client ambassadors" because we want them to be advocates for YOU until you get connected with one of our amazing counselors.


Enjoy a Free Phone Consultation

Seeking help from a licensed professional counselor can feel intimidating. We get it. That is why we offer you a free 20 minute phone consultation with one of them. Talking to your counselor will be easier than you think. It does not cost you a thing and we believe it's the right thing to do.


Start on Your Life Change Journey

Once you have had your questions answered by one of our client ambassadors and talked directly to your new counselor, the rest will feel so much easier. At this point, it's just like putting one foot in front of the other and we will look forward to guiding you every step of the way!

When you trust Restoration Counseling Service with your contact information, we take that trust very seriously. We will only use your personal information to contact you. We will never sell your information to other parties since that would undermine any trust we desire for you to have in us. See more on our Privacy Policy page.